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Don't take my word for it. Check out what my clients and readers are saying.

"Sarah has the gift of the real teacher in that she reinforces what is working and guides towards improvements and creativities. A voice of reason for novices and words of counsel to the unknowing."
          - Richard Till, author of Woven Deep

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Oh, these are wonderful! I loved the Druid story last night. Thank you for such a beautiful app! - Kristine Mitchell

Loved the new story with the Celtic music—I was hoping it would show up in the composer! - April Lee

I loved it! - Amber Hiebert

Totally FANTASTIC - I love it - Lisa Marie Micalief

Listened to it last night loved it was out in 4 mins and loving the celtic music too - Terri Ridge

LIstened to it a few times already - Clorinda N. Gaillardetz

LIstened to it last night. Loved it! - Sarah Florek

Also loved it! Kim Borton

LOVE IT....MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE...I would love to get a written copy of this so I can read it to my granddaughters - Bobbie Marts.

I listened to it twice last night 0 Kathy Metcalfe

It's a wonderful story. Thank you! - Kristine Mitchell

We've listened to The Last Druidess five or six times so far today. Our granddaughter has been quiet and calm all day. She was able to do her school work (we homeschool) and her chores without one outburst or meltdown. - Beatrice Hall

One of my favourites - Samantha Lynn

Have to agree - It's my favourite. Love her voice and listen to it frequently! - Ruth Pleus

I craved a nice hot cup of tea after listening to the Story of Tea...such a good story. - Bonita Kelly

Listened to the Story of Tea last night and definitely a fan! - Brooke Danielle

I am a huge fan of tea and could not believe it when my 9-year-old put that story on for us last night. - Nicky Hrobak

The narrative is calming and peaceful - Cari Cook

After eleven years of insomnia, I changed my sleep behaviours with the help of Relax Melodies and the Story of Tea" - Liz Buchanan


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