Sarah Mitchell

Writer. Editor. Storyteller.




I write short stories, essays, event reviews, articles, and even a poem or two. Need a strong voice, impeccable grammarian, and a sucker for deadlines? 

I'm your woman.  


I work extensively with authors of literary and historical fiction, fantasy, memoirs, self-help books, and short stories. Whether your story needs a deep dive, a helping hand, or a light proofread,

I've got you covered. 



Sea Salt
Second place, national Creative Nonfiction Contest
PRISM International, 53.3
A Bedtime Story
Third place, National Short Story Contest
Polar Expressions, The Memory Machine
The Cuddle Party
Feature article, The Martlet
Jade Street
Short story, This Side of West



I'm an award-winning writer and editor living in Victoria, BC. My work has appeared in international lit zines, national anthologies, music zines, newspapers, and websites. I have a background in the publishing industry, over 5 years of editing experience, and  know what makes a story tick.


One last thing: I'll always arm-wrestle for the Oxford comma. 



"Each of these winning submissions traces over that most inscrutably familiar tangle of relationships: the family ... In Sea Salt, it's the erosive effects of sibling rivalry twisted through the prism of mutual incomprehension, and the love and pain that drives us to overcome them."
          - Charles Demers, author of The Horrors 


"Sarah has the gift of the real teacher in that she reinforces what is working and guides towards improvements and creativities. A voice of reason for novices and words of counsel to the unknowing."
          - Richard Till, author of Woven Deep


"Sarah provided extensive support throughout my writing process. Her insight was invaluable."
          - Evelyn MacKay, author of Without Halos, Without Wings




Fill in the form, shoot me an email, or mail with a carrier pigeon. I'll give you a shout.  

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