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Hey there.

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I'm Sarah, an award-winning scriptwriter, ghostwriter, and story editor.

I write one-of-a-kind stories for publishers, podcasts, B2C companies, and authors.

Need a strong voice, impeccable grammarian, and sucker for deadlines?

Let's chat.


Welcome! I'm Sarah, a Canadian writer and editor with ten years in the business. When it comes to storytelling, I've done it all.

As a seasoned pro, my work:

  • Is featured by Bettersleep, the top sleep-aid app with rave reviews from Apple, Forbes, Business Insider, and CNN

  • Is promoted by David's Tea in international marketing campaigns

  • Is regularly produced into audio content for 55 million subscribers

  • Is routinely translated into nine different languages

  • Has won literary accolades, government grants, and international competitions

  • Has appeared on newsstands in over 40 countries

TL;DR: Storytelling is my thing. Let's make it yours, too. 

I can help you:

Captivate and convert your audience with custom content, killer hooks, and a chameleonic voice


Dominate your industry with a powerful voice, expert advice, and never-ending content

Expand your user library with smashing stories in the genres they crave

Dive into untapped markets with targeted stories, narrative marketing, and interactive fiction

Find your voice, snag a literary agent, and pitch publishers with insider help

Don't take my word for it.
See what clients have said:

Sarah is a brilliant writer! Not only is she able to capture your idea and put it on the page, she's also flexible and open to suggestions. Working with her has been an absolute delight! When you give her a project, you can sense her genuine excitement to write and it inspires me to produce better stories. I wish I had 10 Sarah's on my team!

Kassandra Khouri, Lead Creative Producer, Bettersleep

Send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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